May 08, 2011

The It Scarf

Finally arrive, the brand to encourage all the Muslim girls around the world to cover up with the edgy kind of style. With proud we present you "The It Scarf" Ina's Scarf  .

"Ina’s Scarf is the craftsmen local products of weaving, knitting, batik and handprint which having an Indonesian basic distinctive tradition style"
-Irna Mutiara. Member of Indonesian fashion designers (APPMI), Designer of Irna la PerleFounder of  Trimoda Uptodate & Ina's Scarf

This is the official style blog. which will give you the scoop of all about our style and hijabistaz highlights, visit the web for shopping and more detailed information about the products, also for even more intense relationship with us follow @InasScarf.

Let's get started. Basmallah

The It Scarf campaign | Photographer : Afrizal | Models : Ashfi Qamara & Joyce 


  1. Congratulation for this new style blog... :)

    Love the scarves collection! They're edgy and show up the Indonesian traditional style..

    Hope this brand will be success and can help improving the local products! :)