June 13, 2011

Malaysia. Muslim world biz (Day 3)

Exited! to meet Maria Elena, such a wonderful person. she's the one that every girl want to make friends with, have you seen her blog & vlog ? she's so hilarious! and this is her posing with her ina's scarf pick, looking so 2030 with our two face aqua roseberry scarf ;)

helloo there Shea! the beautiful Malaysian "spanish" lady, Cómo es la señora español with her pick! the TieDye blush scarf + the Red rose knit brooch, looking awesome as she is on her blog and thank you dearest shea! for having us in one of your post , such a lovely story :D

chaaarrming pose with our invitation!  yeah \m/

Ashfi . Maria . Irna Mutiara . Shea

and then we've met this lady! she's one of the exhibitor from Australia, it was very nice to have met her and having her as our customer, she came almost every day to our booth, and look! this day she wear the Choco polka scarf, she's the most awesome customer, looking hawt girl!

and this lovely Malaysian lady is having a couple "tudung" try outs, take a look for her style we've made..

take a style pick!

and finally the booth almost closed, @hildatea and @irnamutiara take a pose for some fashion frames on the set (booth) ;)

jalan-jalan ke KLCC *0*

Ina's Scarf.
Let it color your days

went to Bukit Ampang, that we had dinner with FREAKing amazing view..
this also remind us the view from dago atas, Bandung (our homeland)

please do click for more inappropriate picture

see you next day!

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