August 07, 2011

The Opening Event

The Opening Event that held on 22 July 2011 at our showroom Jl. Buah Batu No. 48 Bandung was an ultimate celebration for us, we fill the event with special features like Henidar Amroe, Scarf demo, singing performance by Fitri Widjayanti and Ina Rovi spontaneously perform at our opening stage.

The cause of this event is to spread the scarf style we've created inspired by Indonesian muslimah for these past few years. Irna Mutiara gave her speech about why this brand was born, it was a simple idea that she have with her husband to make a company to awaken the local craftsmen of west java to keep innovating with the touch of certain image they want to spread, after all she is the famous Indonesian muslim designer, her achievements with Irna La Perle is undeniable. Her husband, Riznal M Nur is the owner of Ina's Scarf and Irna herself as the founder and principal designer. It was a great collaboration between fashion and business.

Ina's Scarf is Indonesia's distinctive scarf. so it's all 100% Indonesia, the local movements is on their way to spread goodness for the world.

Fitri Widjayanti

Ina Rovi

SCARF It Yourself competition
and here is the style they made:

First winner, style by Ria Miranda

Second winner, style by Mila Anzib (Teen Spirit!)

How to SCARF demo

The Opening Event was a bis success, we've reach about 1000 guest for that day at our showroom and it was our pleasure to help them get their goodies and shop right.


The Good People

Dina from Nyala 

Mila from Colourmefushia and her friend

Anin, Ashfi & Yasmin from FiMiNin

Ria Miranda, Dian Pelangi, Ina Rovi & Fitri Widjayanti

Putri The Fashion Stylist from NOOR Magazine & her mother

Dwita Yuniati and her friend

Irin from Kami Idea & Ashfi

Irna Shabanu, The Reporter & Yasmin

Rani, The make up artist & her husband

Irna Mutiara & Henny Le Couture

Ashfi & The Photographer, Afrizal

Syahnaz and Ejjam

Ashfi Qamara, Irna Mutiara & Henidar Amroe

This might be the first and let it be the greatest
we presenting from Indonesia by Indonesia for the world
Ina's = Indonesia's 

with style, with proud

Thank you. 

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