September 18, 2011

kaWanku's "Creative Hjab Style" with Ashfi Qamara

Hello there, i've got to say, this event that hosted by kaWanku magazine was really awesome,
i get to be the main character for the event, and share some personal views about islamic fashion and share how to style the jilbab for some kaWanku's loyal readers.

The event was held on the holly month of Ramadhan to give an inspiration for all the readers, 
not only me, Fashion & Beauty Editor of kaWanku Magazine, Sekar Puspitasari also had the part of showing us how to dress by body shape, coolness.

The Talkshow;

kaWanku's official twitter acc was quite active for the whole event, it's always nice to hear good news and good feedback.

my point is.
"Dress Tough for that you might have a Strong Heart"

The Styling with Ina's Scarf ;

One of kaWanku models help me to be my barbie for the day, one of my friend talks to her after the show, and she said she would really like to wear the jilbab on daily activity. it's a good thing, let's hope for her to succeed ;)

i'm not alone, my friends Dwita, Aya and Yasmin/FiMiNin come to rescue my nerve, good to have them there.

The beautiful audience, all of them got one FREE scarf from Ina's Scarf !

and the pretty ladies from kaWanku magazine
Echa, me, Sekar, Trinzi & Mira
thank you @onyitkawanku !

OH, i almost forgot, the report is on the spread already, gotta buy the magazine

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