October 23, 2011

the arrival. day one #istanbul

not bad ey? even she looked pretty tired, after 13 hours her face is still moist thanks to wardah's facial wash.

we have Ina's Scarf to sell.

let's go people, we only have 7 days at Istanbul.

 the day is still too young, we can't go to the hotel first, so we stopped at kumkapi fish market.

and then we pose.

and pose.

and get freezing.

and the second stop. we visit taksim square.

they sell this kind of bread called simitci on every corner of taksim.

 oh! we've played with the birds! only 1TL to get a glass of bird food. and you'll get an ultimate happiness.

maybe some Wardah retouch under the turkish flag would be cool.

or playing with the blush on would be fascinating. you think? 

Ina's Scarf inside Istanblue's telephone box.

oh well. 

for dinner, we we've plan to go outside. we're far away from home. and we can't resist no to wear a little light make up. especially using Wardah cosmetics.

at first we got lost. we don't know where to go. so we go to the mall (like always)
but it's not a mall. it's forum istanbul.

and then. we get to eat a huge bowl of free turkish bread. on this particular condition, you wouldn't want to keep the carbs low. 

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