October 25, 2011

the business meeting & the fair. day 2 & 3 #istanbul

on our second day, we've met several turkish entrepreneurs

and made a good business together. Indonesia & Turkey

they have a good offer for us.

the business meeting was a very nice opportunity. 

together with mr. salman and his wife mrs. dini from Wardah cosmetic company.

after the biz meet we continue to walk around the neighborhood. 

and explore some great turkish items around.

you'll never get tired to photographs every corner of the city.

 and finally. on our 3rd day at istanbul, the first day of the fair.

we bring some Ina's Scarf knit collection

and Ina's Scarf batik
  our booth are told to be the most colorful with Ina's Scarf and Kavi's products together.

the scarves.

Wardah's booth are also very tempting to visit, their booth ain't that far from us.

we've met kezban (left) from firuzestyle, turkish fashion media. she take good picts and writes about Irna La Perle on ZAMAN newspaper.

and madame sequinne (middle) we've met her at the business metting. she was very nice. and we got the chance to cooperate with her.

"güzel eşarp" she said

 met this nice lady from egypt.

Turkish people love our knit scarf. 

happy to have another great day at istanbul,
it's getting more interesting.

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