November 01, 2011

the tour #istanbul day 7

warning. we made a lot of photos today.
this is one long post..

we've been using Wardah soft scrub to keep the body moist in cold weather condition.

and ready for city tour!

but wait. we have lines..

inside topkapi palace, beautiful garden awaits

and magnificent entrée

Madame Irna & Ashfi made a lot of pose together ;)

we're having so much fun!

can you spot Ina's Scarf?

Monsieur Riznal's scarf flying around...

 hello Bosphorus strait..

the fun fact about winter is. you get to wear multi layered wardrobe, and get very creative with it.

and so the honeymoon continues.. ;) 

*honey, i'm cold..


the honeymoon got distracted with a foster child (ashfi) :D *kidding

the whole team plus hilal (read: hilail) our stylish tour guide

after topkapi palace, we walked around hagia sophia site

and found a colorful scenery at the neighborhood

last stop. we're finally arrive at grand bazaar, the oldest covered market on the planet.

shopping is also what we do best ;) can you see those glorious pattern? 
fascinating really.

it's our last day at istanbul
we're hoping to be able to come back soon

we do have unfinished business here.
so. see you!

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