December 10, 2011

Ina's Scarf Travel: Istanbul (Recap)

Ina's Scarf style travel to Turkey, Istanbul with Wardah cosmetic

What we love when we travel from Jakarta to Istanbul :

1. We are on the same plane with Maher Zain
2. We get to play with the birds
3. Our booth is the most fun site to be visited
4. We shopped at Taksim Square
5. We've visit The Blue Mosque
6. We dance at Topkapi Palace
7. The weather on Oct. is 10°C-12°C
8. We scarf styled the girls of Istanbul
9. We ate the finest pomegranate on earth
10. We've wait with style at IKEA's store
11. We've done the photoshoot with great shots
12. We made friends.. :')

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