March 29, 2012

Bandana & Ninja Highlights

(Photo by. Afrizal, Styling & Make up by. Ashfi Qamara, Model: Achi. Ina's Scarf 2012)

Greetings readers, how was your day?
we would like to give you insights about what has been on trends lately for the past 12 months. 

Before there was a "ninja" as an undescarf wear for a lady who wears Jilbab, there's "Bandana" which all of us known as an item to secure hair from falling out on our faces, the materials of Bandana could be either a triangle piece of cloth or cotton, but we would like to try something a bit more unlike the obvious (i might say). Inspired by the famous "kupluk" or skullcaps that mainly use knitting materials we produce a knitting bandana with various choice of colors, the purpose was to create a more comfortable Bandana that wouldn't tuft the hair, because usually Indonesian bandanas are made of spandex fabric that are too tight till it hurts the wearers.
Then there's "Ninja" i personally first heard it around 2010 and no not this ninja character but as an item to use it quite daily to cover not just the hair and ears but also the neck, sounds like an innovation for the apparel world no? and come to think of it, it simplified for muslim lady to be more creative with their headscarves without fear of showing some part of body.



so how was your day with our delightful Bandana / Ninja ? which would you prefer to wear daily and why? do keep in touch and stay lucently modest. 

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